• GenreLatin Pop

Ambassadors of The New Miami Sound, Sol and The Tribu rock out with their retro-futuristic mix of Miami-Licious swagger and Caribbean funk rhythms. They'll get you off your feet, dancing your way into a “Conga Inferno”, moving to the positive vibrations.

The trio consists of Ruiz, Rey “Sugar,” and Manny “Mr. Swag.” According to the group's fantastical origin story, each member represents a different era of the Miami sound. The members say they came together to reinvent the city's music, with Sol representing the future, Rey the present, and Manny the past. Their blend of sounds is heavily influenced by the Afro-Cuban music of the Caribbean and artists such as Benny Moré, Orishas, the Fugees, and Black Eyed Peas.

Asked how the band came together, Ruiz tells a wild tale reminiscent of David Bowie’s invention of Ziggy Stardust. Having grown tired of the AutoTuned and electronic aspects of Miami music, Ruiz wanted to reconnect with her Cuban and Caribbean musical roots. But her futuristic persona, La Barbara, emerges when she tells the whimsical legend of Sol and the Tribu, in which three superheroes from the year 3050 return to the present day to change the Miami sound for future generations. Coupling Ruiz's percussive singing style with the sweet guitar rhythms of Sugar and the cool Afro-Cuban beats of Mr. Swag, the trio brings the region's organic sound from the future to Miami in 2020.