• GenreHip Hop, Latin Urban

Telmary Diaz has emerged as a leader and trendsetter on the cutting edge of Cuban hip-hop and urban music. Shaped in part by her study of English, theater, and writing informed her artistry as an up-and-comer in the Havana music scene during the late '90s.

Her first band, Free Hole Negros (a take of frijoles negros, meaning black beans), earned her opportunities to collaborate with Cuban music greats such as Isaac Delgado, Giraldo Piloto, Los Van Van, and Descemer Bueno. Her next group, Interactive Project, initiated in 2002, incorporated elements of jazz, classical music, and traditional Cuban repertoire alongside her preferred hip-hop and funk.

Through her many years as a progressive music protagonist in Havana, Telmary earned the clout and support necessary to launch her career as a solo artist with the flagship album A Diario. The record was produced by acclaimed Cuban pianist and Interactive Project veteran Roberto Carcasses. As a rapper, Telmary set out to proclaim a positive, empowering message to contrast the genre's confrontational, divisive, and commercial norm.

Featuring a cast of modern-day Cuban stars like rapper Kumar, producer Athanai, and songwriter William Vivanco, A Diario was quickly heralded as one of the decade's most thoughtful and creative Cuban hip-hop records. The project was well received by audiences worldwide, appearing on charts throughout Latin America and Europe. Though not well traveled on U.S. soil, Telmary has graced stages all over Europe, South America, and Japan at some of the world's most renowned jazz and popular music festivals