Clan 537

In 2004, Baby Lores and Insurrecto came together to create a group that would quickly become a phenomenon within the effervescent Cuban reggaeton scene. The group was called Clan 537. Their diverse repertoire of songs such as “Caperucita”, “Tatuaje” and “La mujer del pelotero” dominated the charts for months thanks to the witty lyrics and the combination between Insurrecto’s rapping talent and the melodic lines of Lores. With their distinctive sound, they were hailed as a perfect complement to urban music in Cuba.

Yoandys Lores Gonzales (Baby Lores), born in Cienfuegos, is also a composer and arranger; while Leandro Medina Fellove (Insurrecto), a native of Havana, has left his mark as an exceptional composer and lyricist within the urban genre. Together they released the albums Clan 537 (Sunflower Publishing, 2003) and Había una vez… (La Caperucita) (FEMI, 2008 and Sunflower Publishing, 2008), as well as a collection of singles that are heard throughout Cuba.

After six years of pursuing their individual careers, Clan 537 reunited in 2021 to embark on their current project, an album titled Apocalipsis.