Claudia Soria

Born in Castellón de la Plana, Claudia Soria grew up surrounded by melodies and traditions. Thanks to her family’s connection to Gypsy culture—her father made costumes for Gypsy weddings— allowed her to witness the authentic music of the celebrations. These experiences enriched her musical perspective and inspired her to fuse traditional flamenco with dark European electronic sounds, thus creating her unique style.

Over time, Claudia has forged a unique sound, reflective of both her cultural heritage and her life experiences. Her dedication and skills have established her as a versatile artist committed to her art. Her releases include the songs “Dicen”, “Si tú supieras”, “Nada”, “Sola” and “Dulce”, all in collaboration with the European artist, composer and producer Toro. Her most recent single, “Luna llena,” is a delicious mix of her voice with drum and bass.