Diana Fuentes

Diana Fuentes is not only a prominent figure but also a pioneer within contemporary Cuban music. Her second album, Planeta Planetario (Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC, 2014), served as a catalyst for her rise in the music industry, solidifying her position as the captivating performer that she is. Her artistic career began as a child in the world of ballet as part of the Laura Alonso Ballet Company. She later ventured into music with Síntesis, one of the most important bands in contemporary Cuban music. Along with them, she appeared on the album Habana a Flor de Piel (Unicornio Producciones Abdala, 2002), which received a Latin Grammy nomination in 2002.

In her pursuit of artistic exploration, Diana Fuentes joined forces with the famous Cuban singer-songwriter X Alfonso for the album Moré (Velas, 2001), which would also be nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Rap and Hip hop category. Eager to push boundaries, she lent her melodious voice to collaborations with distinguished artists such as Amaury Pérez, Roberto Carcassés, and Aldo López-Gavilán, leaving an indelible mark on the Cuban music scene. Her growing success led her to work with Descemer Bueno, who produced her first solo album, Amargo pero dulce (Egrem, 2008), with which she became known to a large part of the Cuban public.

Her discography also includes collaborations with Gente de Zona, Carlos Varela, Lenier, Divan, Tommy Torres, the Dominican Vicente García, and Nesty, among others.