El Taiger

El Taiger is the stage name of José Manuel Carvajal Zaldivar, a Cuban trap and reggaeton singer based in Miami. He is one of the greatest and most relevant exponents of the urban genre inside and outside of Cuba. At only 17 years old he began his career as part of the famous group Los 4, in which he became known internationally as El Príncipe. Together with them he popularized songs internationally with successful hits such as “Fresa y Chocolate”, “El Oro Es Mío”, and “El Motorola”.

In 2011 he created an independent project under the name Los Desiguales with Damián The Lion, quickly positioning themselves among the public with hits such as “Eso es bola”, “Maleante pero elegante”, “Dale cintura a esto”, and “Dándola”.

To date, El Taiger has released 11 albums, including Blychy (El Taiger, 2020), Los Británicos (2021), Everglades (2022) and La Ostia (2023), his most recent production; and has popularized already classic songs within the Cuban urban scene such as “Superbien”, “La Historia”, “La Cura”, “Secreto”, “Habla Matador”, “El Vecino”, or “Washypupa”. He has collaborated with great Cuban artists such as Jacob Forever, Nejo, Kevin Roldán, Gente de Zona, El Yonki, and Wampi, among others; in addition to international artists such as Bryant Myers, J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Cosculluela on the song “Coronamos Remix 2” in 2017.