Gardi Vázquez Suárez is a talented Cuban composer and singer who began his musical journey in the province of Holguín, Cuba. His great interest in Cuban songs and popular music led him to pursue vocal training and then to study at the Instituto Superior de Arte of Havana (known as ISA, today University of the Arts). Gardi’s career took off when he co-founded the Cuban Traditional Music Project at ISA and performed at international festivals. He became the lead vocalist of Orlando Valle’s group Otra Visión, and later joined the Clave Cubana orchestra.

Shortly afterward he would form his project, Gardi y su Grupo, while undertaking international tours as a guest artist. In 2002 he released his debut album, Gardi (Artex S.A.), which showcased his talents as a singer and songwriter. He gained recognition in Panama and the United States and received awards for his performances. His discography also includes Lo que tu querías (Egrem, 2008) y Pega’o y no se me quita (Egrem, 2011), incorporating contemporary elements of popular Cuban music.

Recently, Gardi has resumed his artistic career in Miami, collaborating with renowned producers such as Dale Pututi, and redirecting his musical brand towards tropical and urban genres, an example of which is the single “Todo Es Culpa Tuya” released in 2019