Jotabarrioz, the talented artist from Havana, Cuba, has carved a unique path for himself in the music industry. Combining rap with captivating Cuban and international rhythms, his music resonates with audiences everywhere. Jotabarrioz’s distinctive approach to urban art is marked by heartfelt lyrics that effortlessly intertwine simplicity and poetry, with love as a recurring theme in his compositions, among which stand out “Te queda lindo ser tú”, “Mala canción de amor” and “Cada foto”.

His collaborations with famous figures of the Cuban music scene, including Leoni Torres, David Blanco, Kelvis Ochoa, Qva Libre, Nube Roja and many others, show his ability to intertwine his talents with diverse musical styles. From his inception in 2012, when he actively participated in events organized by the Cuban Rap Agency, to his roles as vocalist and composer in the renowned band Kill The Party, Jotabarrioz has crossed borders and continually gained recognition.

As host of the prestigious Cuban television music program Cuerda Viva, he has provided a platform to promote and encourage alternative music throughout Cuba. In 2022 he released his first solo album, Habana 4:00 am (Puntilla Music), a chronicle of the Havana dawn where Jota further demonstrates his musical prowess and innovative vision. His contributions to the Cuban music scene, along with his magnetic stage presence, position him as a captivating and influential force in the industry.