Karmen Muradas

Born on December 18th in Santiago de Cuba and began her artistic career at the age of seven, making her debut on Cuban television as a presenter and singer. She graduated as a Professional Opera Singer on the island in 2008, and at 18 she moved to Colombia where, in 2014, she became the two-time champion of the World Salsa Festival in Cali, securing first place in the Ensemble category (orchestra + dancers) for the second consecutive time. She worked for seven years in Cali (2013-2018) with Jennifer Lopez’s choreographer, Luis Eduardo Hernández (El Mulato), and his dance company Swing Latino.

On September 27, 2019, she started her solo career with the release of her first single “La mejor versión de mí”, signed by Sergio George & Sony Music Latin, with musical production by Oscar Iván Lozano (OiLO). Her discography includes names of some of the best international salsa producers like Motiff, Diego Galé, and OiLO, and artists such as Los 4, Orquesta Son Tentación, and Orquesta Caliber, with whom she has collaborated. Among her most beloved compositions are “Un Ratico Abajo Un Ratico Arriba” and “No quiero compromiso”.

Karmen Muradas is known for her impeccable stage and musical presence, distinguishing her as one of the best female artists of the new salsa generation. The singer dreams of crossing borders and internationalizing her career, following in the footsteps of greats like Celia Cruz and La India. Karmen aspires to be recognized as one of the most famous Latin artists worldwide, bringing her music to all audiences with her unique, colorful, and original style that sets her apart from other artists, breaking the language barrier and making countries that do not speak Spanish like Japan, the United States, China, or France enjoy her “Salsa Fresh”.