Kelly Valdivia

Kelly Valdivia Díaz, also known as “El Kelly”, is a Cuban musician born in Sancti Spíritus, in the center of the island, in 1982. He began his artistic career in folk dance, and then pursued a musical career. He first gained recognition as the vocalist of the salsa orchestra La Bola and then joined the group Klimax, led with the renowned Giraldo Piloto.

El Kelly achieved success with songs like “Qué bien, qué bien” and “Ese soy yo” with the group El Clan; and his work includes collaborations with artists such as Pedro Camacho, Víctor Manuelle and his brother Ebblis Valdivia with whom he founded the duo Boni & Kelly. Their album, La vida es (Liverpool Music Europa, S.L., 2006) received international recognition; and then they would also record Q’bola (LAUM Music, 2018), which includes the hit “Amigos con Derechos” featuring Víctor Manuelle. With his versatile talent, Kelly Valdivia continues to impact the music scene.