Los 4

Los 4 is one of the best-known groups in Cuban urban music. Their sound is distinguished by mixing the traditional dembow of Latin reggaeton with timba, a genre that emerged and popularized in Cuba in the 90s. They have more than ten albums and have collaborated with great exponents of Cuban music such as El Micha, El Chacal, Jacob Forever, Tania Pantoja, Yomil & El Dany, among others.

Their Privilegio album series, in which they covered great hits of contemporary music in duets with important artists on the Cuban scene, was a great success among the Cuban public who still sing the songs. In 2019 they released the musical production Con la izquierda (Los 4), a phonogram produced by Batule DJ at El Cuartel Estudio, where most of Los 4’s hits have emerged. In 2020 the album El Grande (Puntilla Music) was released, and later in March 2021 En Un Mismo Pensamiento (Ambos Media), in collaboration with great Cuban musicians such as Tania Pantoja, Laritza Bacallao and La Diosa.

2.45 is the title of his most recent album, which features artists such as Jacob Forever, El Taiger, El Micha, and Waldo Mendoza as guests.