Ernesto Alejandro Galguera, better known as Nesty, is a Cuban multifaceted artist who stands out as a singer, composer, and producer. His mark has roots in urban music, and his musical journey has led him to be an integral part of several groups such as Explosión Musical and the duo DA2. Together with the latter, he co-created the song “El party”, which climbed to the top of the HTV music charts. After this success, he embarked on a musical journey with the group Treo before venturing into his solo career in 2017. This new phase began with the release of his debut single “Bailando”, which was also part of his first album Real Boy (Rottweilas, 2017).

Nesty’s impressive list of collaborations includes notable figures in the music industry such as El Micha, El Taiger, Anton Ewald, Amy Gutiérrez, Descemer Bueno, and Mayra Goñi, the driving force behind the hit “Amantes a escondidas.” Nesty’s innovative spirit introduced the “Salsa Fresh” movement, giving rise to singles such as the version of “La Curiosidad” or “Hawai”, which has more than 7 million listens on Spotify. Amid his extensive discography, the single “Mala Gente” stands out, created with the acclaimed Venezuelan producer Motiff. Other hits by the artist include “Como Si Nada,” in collaboration with Leoni Torres, and “Confesión,” a melodic partnership with Randy Malcom of Gente de Zona.