3 reasons to use Apple Music Sing

Apple Music has developed a new tool called “Apple Music Sing,” which is an interface that turns the app into a karaoke platform. Here are three reasons to encourage your fans to use this new feature.

1. Every artist wants people to know their songs
Imagine being at that huge concert and seeing a crowd of people singing your songs by heart. Isn’t it exciting? Make it easy for your fans to learn the lyrics of your tracks; allowing them to stay within their streaming app is one of the ways to achieve this.

2. It’s not just karaoke; it’s much more than that
In short, we can refer to this new feature of Apple Music as karaoke, but in reality, it goes beyond that. Firstly, you won’t find any karaoke tracks online with the original instrumentals. Additionally, you won’t find anywhere where you can adjust the volume of the lead vocals. This means it’s adjustable like a volume bar, giving you the flexibility to adjust the vocals to your preference. Whether it’s slightly audible or completely muted.

3. It is all in one place
To activate “Apple Music Sing,” there’s no need to download another app or visit a separate website. Everything is available within the same application, so your fans can simply switch to Karaoke mode whenever they feel ready, and they are good to go.