Vanito Brown

Vanito Brown is a singer-songwriter and producer who has left an indelible mark on the region’s music scene. His journey began in the 1980s and in 1994 he founded and directed a rock band named Lucha Almada. He was one of the main voices of the collective known as the “peña de 13 y 8”, which eventually led to the founding of Habana Abierta, an essential band to tell Cuban alternative music.

Vanito’s creations embody a rich tapestry of influences that combine perfectly in an organic fusion between Cuban music and contemporary rhythms from other cultures. Notable works such as “Divino guion”, “Ahora sí tengo la llave”, “Lo bueno no sale barato”, “Corazón Boomerang” and “La Habana a todo color” adorn his phonographic repertoire with Habana Abierta. In 2015, Vanito’s debut solo album, Norte Sur Este y Aquel (Bis Music, 2014), earned Billboard Latino recognition as one of the most influential Latin American pop albums of that year. His discography also includes the titles Vendiéndolo todo (Biss Music, 1995), with Lucha Almada; Habana Abierta (BMG Ariola, 1997), 24 Horas (BMG Ariola, 1999), Boomerang (Calle 54 / EMI, 2005), and Habana Abierta1234 (Habana Abierta, 2010), with Habana Abierta.