Dale Pututi celebrates the success of “Bendecido”, his song with Randy Malcom

Dale Pututi has more than enough reason to celebrate; his latest musical collaboration with Randy Malcom, “Bendecido,” is a resounding success and his fans are enjoying it to the fullest. A few days after the premiere, the song already has more than 532 thousand views on YouTube, and there are many reels on social networks with this theme in the background.

“Something is happening here and it is thanks to you, ‘Bendecido’, only five days on the street and it goes like this. Randy Malcom, we are well well well. Thank you to everyone who was part of this,” wrote Dale Pututi in a post on Instagram thanking for the reception the fans have given to this release.

Both Dale Pututi and Randy Malcom have taken advantage of the popularity of “Bendecido” to upload the videos that their followers have made singing and dancing to the song to their Instagram stories.

“Estoy muy bien, estoy bendecido, no le pido a nadie porque me busco lo mío / La vida que soñé es la que me estoy dando y bendiciones pa´ to´ los que están hablando,” is the chorus with which several Internet users have felt identified.

“Bendecido” premiered last Friday along with a video clip that is pure gozadera and in which Yotuel Romero, Beatriz Luengo, DJ Yus, one of the hosts of the Ritmo 95.7 station in Miami, and the professional dancer Micho Valdés also participated.

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