Cuban Diana Ela and Yotuel premiere “Dominicana”

The Cuban artists Diana Ela and Yotuel have just given away an urban bachata entitled “Dominicana”, which is available on YouTube.

This new song “incorporates the versatility and distinctive style of two renowned urban artists,” states the press release released by the production company Puntilla Films.

The video begins with different scenarios where the artists are seen in certain situations: sometimes on the beach, other times sitting in chairs that look like thrones, and accumulated more than 19,000 views in its first nine hours of release.

In “Dominicana” you can feel the nostalgic melodies and the melancholy of many due to failed relationships with a story of heartbreak and reunion, and a chorus that says: “Bailemos la canción que nos recuerda a Dominicana. Bailemos la canción que me recuerda cómo te excitaba”. A fact that has accompanied the presentation of the clip has been Diana Ela’s condition, which led her to be admitted to a hospital in Miami.

“I went to get some serums because I haven’t eaten for literally three days and also to lower my fever with something other than pills and it turned out that when I had tests there were some values that didn’t work out well at all,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

The collaborator on this topic with Ela, Yotuel Romero, dedicated a few words to her on Facebook: “I hope you recover soon and that this scare comes to nothing and now lean on #God and ask him a lot for your health.”

“I send you my energy, don’t worry about the song, champion, the important thing is YOU,” the former member of the Orishas group concluded his message.

This Sunday, in one of her stories on Instagram. Diana thanked her fans for their expressions of concern.

“Thank you to each of you for your messages and good wishes, to Yotu @yotuel and all of his followers for all the blessings sent,” she said.

“Today I feel much better despite not being at 100 and knowing that I will have to continue checking myself to fully recover,” said the artist, and about the premiere of the video she added: “Today, despite a few very screwed up days, I am happy because there is a lot to celebrate.”

The same publication was timely for Diana Ela to repay the support of the filmmakers. “Both, in the video and in the song, many beautiful people left their soul and their talent and finally the ‘Dominicana’ video is up.”

Diana Ela La O Prada is a Cuban artist who emerged on the music scene three years ago. She is a model and actress by profession. After putting a stop to her career for personal reasons, she returned with two singles “Cruella” and “La Niña Tiene Tumbao”. Her previous hit, “Contigo,” alongside Abraham Mateo, surpassed eight million views on YouTube and dominated the charts in Spain.