Descemer Bueno releases “El hijo de Mercedes”, the song that will give the name to his next album

Descemer Bueno is premiering this Friday with a very special song, “El hijo de Mercedes”, in which he alludes to his mother, what has been his life and artistic career, and that will also give the name to his next album.

On Instagram, the Cuban singer and composer announced the release and included a fragment of the video clip that accompanies the song. “This song that means so much to me and that gives the name to my next album, El Hijo de Mercedes, is now available on all digital platforms. “I hope you enjoy it a lot!” shared the artist.

The audiovisual includes images of the singer with his children, walking through Havana and with his mother, some of them surely taken during his last trips to the island.

“El hijo de Mercedes” summarizes the singer’s life, from his origins to his entire career in music.

Descemer did not overlook in the song that moment in which they demanded that the artists take a position regarding politics and the Cuban regime so as not to be branded as communists, something that he did and that on more than one occasion he has publicly regretted.

Last week Descemer released another moving song, “Mercedes”, dedicated to his mother and all those who have suffered from Alzheimer’s, a disease that his mother suffers from.

The artist recently celebrated another success and that is that together with Omi Hernández they are the composers of the most recent hit by Enrique Iglesias and María Becerra, “Así es la vida.”