Equipped with high praise, Motiff paves the way for the new generation of salsa in new single “Salsa de ahora”

The extraordinary producer and creator of countless tropical hits, Motiff, has taken on the task of amplifying the voices of the new generation of salseros. Seeking to pave new paths within salsa and create alliances between its youngest exponents, Motiff releases its single “Salsa de ahora”, which features the voices of Luis Figueroa, Jonathan Moly, Nesty, Ronald Borjas and Jimmy Rodríguez.

“Salsa de ahora” is a song that, beyond describing it, was made to be felt, danced to and enjoyed, and is available on all digital platforms starting today.

“Salsa de ahora,” Motiff says, was born from an introspective conversation with Arbise (his first name), and realizing that people around him felt that salsa was no longer considered attractive. His frustration was fueled by his commitment to honor pioneers and make a strong musical statement that salsa will never die because it lives in our Latin blood.

Motiff has always chosen tropical music, and salsa especially, as its main vehicle of artistic expression, crediting its greatest influences to Héctor Lavoe, La Fania, Pete “Conde” Rodríguez, Celia Cruz, Tito Puentes, Oscar D’León, among others. others. The artist has expressed on multiple occasions that since his childhood he was attracted to the deep sounds of salsa, which is why he always dreamed of having his own orchestra. Following in the footsteps of orchestras such as La Billos Caracas Boy, Dimension Latina, and Roena and his Apollo Sound, the song comes to life through Los XI del XXI (los once del 21), the Motiff orchestra, with which he has been preparing for more than two years. The artist feels a deep responsibility to preserve the essence of the genre.

“Salsa means party, culture, family, friends, a good drink of rum at Christmas; salsa is joy, life, legacy, history; salsa is dance, and the heartbeat of life,” Motiff said.

“Salsa de ahora” is Motiff’s first release after signing an exclusive record contract with Magnus Music. The signature comes after years of collaboration between the artist/producer and Magnus Media (Marc Anthony, Gente De Zona, etc.). Among the multiple albums they have created together is Pa’lla Voy, in which Motiff participated as associate producer.

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