Diana Ela presents “Cruella”, another perspective of urban music.

Cuban artist Diana Ela presented the single “Cruella”, another perspective on urban music to empower her fans with lyrics that express self-confidence, independence, and unapologetic hugs.

“A true artist does not give up their dreams for anything or anyone. After a stop in 2020 for personal reasons, I return with more power in the urban genre, but this time merging it with Cuban music,” said the singer.

Diana Ela was born in Cuba in 1996. At 18, she left the island due to her disagreement with the Cuban government and the country’s economic, political and social situation. She emigrated to Ecuador, to later undertake the famous “voyage” that Cubans make through Central America until they reach the US. For two months she had to walk through the jungles of Colombia and Nicaragua and go through Mexican jails.

In 2019, she began her career as a singer with five singles, including “Contigo”, a song with Abraham Mateo, Leslie Shaw and Katalina. She thus exalted her career in Europe and positioned herself at a high level among emerging artists. She then opened multiple Daddy Yankee concerts on the “Con Calma” tour.

Her new EP Rojo, with the Plusmedia label, promises to generate an impact in the Latin industry, with captivating lyrics and a powerful voice.

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