The rapper Jotabarrioz declares himself in the middle of the street: “I don’t like reggaeton”

Cuban rapper Jesús Andrés Barrios, known as Jotabarrioz, published a photograph in which he appears in the middle of a street in Vedado, in Havana, with a sign in which he assures that “I don’t like reggaeton.”

Although the statement refers to a musical song that will premiere on September 15th, as the performer has shared on Instagram, it has sparked quite a bit of controversy, since, as the popular Cuban YouTuber who calls himself El Comepizza responded, Jota is “a young reggaeton artist.

More than one of the singer’s followers has reproached him because “you are no longer the young reggaeton singer Jotabarrioz,” or because he has even made a version of the song “Me faltas tú” by the Cuban reggaeton artist nicknamed El Yonki.

Likewise, some users have warned the performer, who has sung with renowned island artists such as Leoni Torres, Kelvis Ochoa, and David Blanco, not to back down: “Don’t do a reggaetón, daddy, we are not going to forget this. Capture and save”; and that they never want to “see him twerking.”

“The young reggaeton artist Botajarrios reveals that he does not like reggaeton” or “Choco (Chocolate MC) hates this post,” are other comments that have been made to him in a joking tone.

There has also been no shortage of those who have claimed that it is “reverse propaganda” or the title of a song, rather than that the young Cuban reggaeton artist has really “denied” “his genre.”

Some even said they agreed with the rapper. “I accompany you in the feeling” or “Congratulations. “You are one of mine,” they wrote to him.

For others, this statement has been a “filthy lie from here to China”, or it is because the young man is “more schizophrenic every day.”

“That statement is strong” or “You booted yourself” were the reactions that other Internet users had to the image of the singer whose music “has a reggaeton base.”

Furthermore, quite a few alleged that what Jotabarrioz likes is “dem bow and Rauw Alejandro”, “techno” and “communist songs”.

Jota, also known as a host of Cuban television programs, studied theater, although, from a very young age, he has been interested in rap and hip hop.

Although he began in 2015 as the vocalist of the band Kill the Party, his solo project saw the light of day in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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