Descemer Bueno and Randy Malcolm premiere ‘Chocolate con Fresa’, a gift for Valentine’s Day

The Cuban singers Descemer Bueno and Randy Malcolm released their new song “Chocolate con Strawberry” this Friday, which is now available on all musical platforms.

“El paisaje de tu risa se diluye en un maquillaje de tristeza/ Y tú me interesas/ Una y otra vez secaría el llanto de tus ojos, si me dejas/ Y aquí tengo un pañuelito rojo, pa tus penas/ Dime en que te fallé, en que te fallé”, says part of the song.

“Regresa, chiquitica linda,/ te gusta el chocolate con fresa/ princesita, dejemos los dolores de cabeza/ que ha sido demasiado el castigo/ y ha sido demasiado el orgullo/ tú has pasado tanto conmigo/ que mi corazón es tuyo, tuyo, tuyo/ regresa” is heard in the chorus.

Descemer Bueno made the announcement of this new song during an interview in July of last year with Diario de Cuba.

“Chocolate con Fresa” is part of Descemer Bueno’s album El Hijo de Mercedes, “which has already been through a lot, and should have been released during the pandemic,” Bueno said then.

Regarding the increasingly frequent interpretation of his own songs, Bueno said: “One day I dared to sing the songs I composed, people sometimes don’t know they are mine, it still happens to me. I have always liked being able to feel that I can do what I want, without anyone stopping me.”

Descemer Bueno, who has been in the music industry for years, believes that with the career he has “it was so that he was doing what the great composers of Madrid do, who create workshops to compose.”

“I don’t have time to do those things. I like to fight for little things like a song with India Martínez and Vanesa Martín. I’m always thinking about how to survive in a larger musical world, where there is no reggaeton or cubaton. That’s where things like ‘Bailando’ come from, the type of song that never goes out of style.”

Bueno and Malcom received, along with the rest of the creators of “Patria y vida”, the Medal of Freedom from the Latin Composers Hall of Fame. The protest anthem of Cubans who oppose the regime won two Latin Grammy Awards in 2021: Song of the Year and Best Urban Song.

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