TikTok Music, direct competition for Spotify

TikTok Music, the new music streaming app, has officially launched in Indonesia and Brazil, becoming a competitor to Spotify.

Licensed by major record companies, the app offers a paid music subscription service. It harnesses the power of music discovery on TikTok, and offers a complete catalog of music, without ads and with downloads for offline listening.

TikTok Music seeks to provide a high-quality listening experience, increase opportunities and revenue for artists and rights holders, and allow users to stream full versions of viral TikTok songs.

Plus, it has features like lyric search, a real-time lyrics feature for karaoke-style singing, and a song identification tool called Song Catch. The app launches with a one-month free trial for new users in Brazil and Indonesia and costs around $3.49 and $3.25 monthly, respectively.

Both countries are key markets for TikTok as they have millions of active users currently. With the rise of music streaming in Latin America, the region is seen as an ideal testing ground for the new music subscription service.

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