Wolfie, the new music advisor made with AI

The Larrosa Group, a company that provides consulting and advice in the music industry, has decided to stop offering the traditional consulting service and, in its place, has presented its new expert advisor in the music industry called “Wolfie”.

This tool based on artificial intelligence is designed to resolve various types of questions related to the music industry, financing, new technologies, and more.

Wolfie has been developed to provide accurate and up-to-date answers to any questions users may have. Like ChatGPT, users enter their queries and the tool provides detailed answers based on up-to-date data.

Wolfie’s specialization in the music industry has been forged through specific training in key areas such as business, copyright management, legal matters, artist promotion, investment in music assets, music marketing, songwriting, and harmony.

In addition, he has experience in emerging technologies such as blockchain, DeFi, NFT, web3, and artificial intelligence applied to music and musical projects. This combination of specialized knowledge and the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 allows Wolfie to provide high-quality guidance for its users.