Amber Donoso unveils her new single “Candela”

Amber Donoso is about to release another song with which she will continue to develop and refine-tuning the Latin-style sound that has come to define her musical persona this year. After the explosive “Cheer You Up”, “Candela” is a bilingual mix of reggaeton, R&B, and pop that unites the best elements of each genre and injects a powerful dose of rhythm. Written specifically from a female point of view, according to Amber, this track seeks to empower women to find the power of their sexuality and demonstrate the strength of femininity.

With this song, Amber fully acknowledges her Latin American influences, with vocals in Spanish and an electrifying dembow rhythm that is sure to sound in clubs throughout the two continents this summer of 2021. Produced by famous engineers Daniel Tenorio, Los Rumbos and Ricardo Quintero, who are responsible for some of the biggest pop and reggaeton hits in recent years, “Candela” is influenced by artists as diverse as Bad Bunny, Selena, Natti Natasha, and Gwen Stefani. Dynamic, contemporary, emotional, and sensual, this song epitomizes the musical attitude of Amber and gives us an exciting preview of what awaits us with this artist as the year progresses.

“I would say that ‘Candela’ is a perfect representation of my Latin roots. Each part of this track is infused with the passion and sensuality of the Latino culture,” Amber says.

A naturally gifted singer-songwriter, Amber was raised in Britain but often she traveled between London and Chile during her formative years, where she developed a passion for both cultures, which is heard in her eclectic fusion of reggaeton and R&B. After making a name for herself in the fashion and modeling worlds, Amber continued to pursue her passion for music, with artistic influences from the United Kingdom and the United States but she was still deeply connected to the Spanish language, the South American rhythms and sounds of reggaeton.

“Whether composing songs or singing on stage, music gives me a feeling, an incredible sensation of freedom, lightness, and adrenaline. It’s hard to describe,” she assures.

“Candela” will be released on April 30 on all streaming platforms.